Friday, September 14, 2007

I got luck in Nepal

Friends, Welcome to my blog. I'm starting my blog with a post from Nepal.

It is a coincidence, my first foreign visit was Nepal (2005) and got the blog idea from this valley too.

Last month, I was again in Nepal at the end of the month. I like this country, as it got not only peaceful people (with exception to Maoists), and beautiful valleys. I got my best friend in Nepal back in 2005.

Well, I was telling you my unusual experience.
On early morning of Saturday 1st Sept, I planned to visit Nagarkot, uphills near Kathmandu (a ride of around half an hour) alongwith one of my colleagues. When reached at the peak of the hills, I wanted to take some pix from several angles and went inside the bushes. Rain made me go back to hill and find the way downwards. Our Cab was waiting for us.

Rain started heavy pours and we had to say ‘bye’ to Nagarkot. then we went to Bakhtapur (a town in our way back to Kathmandu), where we went inside a jewelry shop. Suddenly, my attention went to my left foot, which I thought was wet.

Something red was visible between my fingers and the chapel I was wearing. I thought I had a crushed rose, but where did it come from.

I realized it was not rose but blood coming out from my fingers. My colleague was afraid. “how did u injure it?” she asked, but I had no idea. She thought I was beaten by any snake or so when I went alone inside heavy bushes at Nagarkot. What it could be? We had no idea, I was feeling no pain, but was badly bleeding.

Requested shopkeeper to provide some cotton, he managed it anyway. we asked the shopkeeper, who looked a wise person, whether there were poisonous insects in the area. While washing my fingers, I found a worm sucking my blood. The shopkeeper told that it was rather a good sign and ‘you would meet a luck today,’ he said. He said that when such worm bites the person finds luck, Nepalese believed.

I made some new friends at the day. I call my friends 'my luck'. Isn't it?

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Zorro said...

Good luck with your new 'luck'. People with good friends are really 'lucky' but with ...friends need to be more concious. wish u got the true friends...Zorro