Saturday, September 15, 2007

Daniel Pearl World Music Days

Daniel Pearl World Music Days are being celebrated from 1st to 15 October throughout the world. People who love peace, pursue truth and are keen to give voice to the voiceless would form a community to celebrate the days in his memory.
Daniel Pearl, known as Danny among family and friends, was a Wall Street Journal reporter and was killed in Pakistan in 2002 while pursuing truth for his story.
At the time, Danny was kidnapped I was working for a regional daily newspaper in Karachi. There was no trace of Danny for a few days, then heard about his death. He was kidnapped and killed by the terrorists who never wanted him to unearth the truth. The news of his death shocked the peace loving journalists in Karachi.
I'm inspired of his work, after reading his stories, work on him and meeting his friends as well as colleagues at The Wall Street Journal in Washington DC Bureau, I found that he was a man, a friend, a truth seeker, a peace lover and a citizen of the global world.
Though what is done can not be undone. Our celebrations could not bring him back, but by celebrating the Daniel Pearl World Music Days we can strive for the peace, which was one of his missions. Let's participate in this global network of concerts and register your performance at Daniel Pearl World Music Days (


Yousuf Ali said...

Nice to see such writing. I bet you journalists can make a change!

Zaheer said...

A journalist should always pursue truth and be a peace loving citizen.

Anonymous said...

Sindhi people are secular and Sufis. They like music we will try to arrange music program on Denial pearls death anniversary. Sindhi people are salute to denial and his struggle.
Sattar zangejo Journalist columnist

Shahid Shah said...

Dear Sattar, one correction that the event is observed as part of his brithday celebrations. Daniel Pearl was born on October 10, 1963.