Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Bastiat Prize for Journalism 2008

Deadline Date June 30, 2008

The Bastiat Prize, named behind the 18th-century French philosopher and journalist Frederic Bastiat has been announced. This prize was developed to encourage and reward writers whose published works promote the "institutions of a free society": limited government, rule of law brokered by an independent judiciary,
protection of private property, free markets, free speech, and sound
science. The prize (a total of US$10,000) will be awarded to one or
more authors. The Prize is open to all writers, anywhere in the world;
writers need not be associated with any specific publication.

Entries, which should take the form of one or more published articles,
are judged according to their intellectual content, the persuasiveness
of the language, and the type of publication in which they appeared.
Articles must be in English and should not exceed 4,500 words,
published between July 1 2007 and June 30 2008, in recognised news
publications. Finalists will be invited to a ceremony in New York, NY,
United States, in October 2008, where winners will be announced.

The deadline for application is June 30 2008.

Application Information
Click here for more information and the rules of submission.

Entries can be submitted through the online entry form or by email,
fax, or post using the contact information below. Submissions by fax,
post, or email must include a Bastiat Prize Submission Form, available
through the link above.

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