Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shahbaz Sharif

Leader of Pakistan Muslim League and former chief minister of the punjab MIAN SHAHBAZ SHARIF addressed meet the press club at karachi press club on wednesday evening. He said those societies where there is no justice would not sustain for longer. He said current judges have taken oath of loyalty with Pervez Musharraf. They can not provide justice to the people. Talking no controversial dam 'kalabagh' he said it could be beneficial but if it was constructed without consensus of the four provinces it would shack up roots of this country.

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Anonymous said...

Long March should be supported by Pakistanis from all communities. In view of ongoing circumstances i would suggest all long march participants not to give their arrestation to the police officials. Mian Shahib should come out of his residence at the time of Zohar. All muslim league protestants should gather protestants through announcements in mosques. In this way we would be able to condemn the govt. attempts to fail this march.

Sikander Hayat said...

Regarding Shahbaz Sharif’s reinstatement:

This is a very good development as it will bring much needed stability to the law and order situation in Punjab especially in the light of yesterday's attack in Lahore.

By Sikander Hayat